Friday, January 7, 2011

Demon Encounter In Tokyo, Japan

The year was 1978 and I was 15 years old. My best friend had returned to Japan after spending a year attending our junior high school in the states while her father was a visiting professor at the local university. I missed her terribly after she had gone and was able to persuade my grandfather to send me to Japan to visit her during that coming summer. I arrived on a July evening, completely exhausted, of course, yet terribly excited. My friend and her mother showed me to my room which was the only traditional Japanese room in the home, one with tatami matting and sliding doors. This is a feature common to fairly affluent homes in Japan - modern construction and conveniences for the majority of the house with one traditionally Japanese room. I recall that when her mother opened the corner closet to retrieve the futon mats that would be my bed, a cold chill emanated from it. I thought nothing of it. Of course, an enclosed space would be less affected by the ambient temperature of a room. I slept very soundly that first night.
The following night after I had retired, I lay awake, listening to the sounds of the house as it was winding down for the evening. I heard light switches click off and bedroom doors upstairs closing. I was imagining what new adventures we might have tomorrow. I then began to hear a faint laughter. It seemed to be coming from, perhaps, the neighboring house. Perhaps there was a little get together over there. Then the laughter became louder. Then the laughter became closer. Now the laughter was...menacing. It was a decidedly evil, man's laughter which now closed in around my ears, growing louder, and louder. Hey! Just get up and go upstairs and get your friend! I was wide awake. I tried to do just that only to find that... I could not move, not a muscle. My instinct and unusual spiritual training for a young person kicked in. I had practiced yoga since I was a young child and just before leaving, my yoga instructor had mentioned something about an East Indian holy man named Ramana. The mere mention of his name dispelled negative energies. I tried to say his name aloud - I was ready to try anything. To my horror I discovered that I could also not speak. Fear freezes, my instinct told me. What I have to do in the midst of this terror is to relax. I began to imaging myself floating through a starry night sky. A calm in the midst of this storm around me came over me. I tried to speak the name of the holy man again and this time I was able to mouth the word (though still no sound came out)..."Ramana". As I did so, it was as if a switch had been turned off. The evil laughter which had become deafening about my ears stopped. I was able to move and considered running upstairs to my friend, yet, somehow, I knew that I was safe now so I thought I would not wake her.
The following day, a number of my friend's friends came by for a welcoming tea. I told the story of what had happened to me. Oh, yes, that was "kanashibari" they told me, quite matter of factly which means "wrapped in bandages". It was a common thing which occurs in Japan whereby some spirit or another who happens to be roaming about decides to have a bit of "fun" with a resting human. They proceeded to tell me other tales of spirits, both playful and malevolent who specialized in turning children around in their beds so that their head would be where there feet had been when they awoke. They were not surprised in the least by my experience and had no trouble believing that I had indeed been awake and that this was no dream. The entity was likely a demonic one judging from my description, they said, and I imagine that anyone who heard that laughter would concur. The direction from whence the laughter had originated, I realized, had been the bedding closet which had exhibited the chilly draft the night before.
I took from that experience the notion that calm in the presence of malevolent entities is a powerful strategy. Indeed, my later studies of martial arts would serve to underscore that conclusion. "Don't strike when you are angry," I once heard a Tibetan monk remark, "you might miss".

Countless Nightmares And Touches

It started right after I turned fourteen on December 9th, 2010.
I'd wake up feeling something cold and human-like rubbing my thigh. It scared me a bit but I've been able to see, feel, and hear spirits since I was a young child so I brushed it off as nothing. The next morning when I woke up, it was the same thing except slower, more sensual stroking of the inside of my thigh which was odd because I've never had that happen.
Over the next few weeks I was getting tingly cold feelings around my lower body like something was touching me, it always happened when I was staying still for a minute or two. Every morning when I woke up, there would be the same feeling but on a different part of my body... Neck, chest, hips, and the inside of my thighs are where it usually occurs.
One night, not too long ago, I woke up in the middle of the night to hear something at the bottom of my bed and then feel the same tingly, cold, sensual stroking on my body in various places from my thighs to my neck. I kicked at it, not wanting to scream in case I woke someone up and they thought I was crazy. I've also had countless nightmares about whatever has been touching me, nightmares that felt so real I would have thought they were if I didn't wake up in my own bed.
This has all been very recent, I am still fourteen... So tell me, could this possibly be an incubus? An incubus scares me, not so much because it's sexual, but because you can get addicted to it and it can drain your energy and life. Sensing whether or not it's an incubus is beyond my ability right now as I am still learning about what I can do in terms of spirits. What do you think?

Rough Monday Morning

It was Monday morning 03/22/10 when something crazier then my past experience happen to me. Crazy in the sense that I wasn't able to sleep the same for a while!
4:30am I randomly woke up. I looked around in search of my phone to check exactly what time it was. My room is set up in the way that when I look straight while sitting up, I automatically see my door slightly to the left from the corner of my eye. To the left of my door is my dresser with my TV on top of it facing my right wall.
When I looked towards my door I saw the hall way light on. I thought to myself. "Well my sister is getting ready for work." When looking at the side of my dresser I saw a person holding a basket, and just hiding behind the dresser. At first I thought it was my mom. I spoke to it," Mom quit messing with me, it's too early to try and scare me." Mom loves to scare me, yet I got no reply." Mom I'm serious stop it!" As soon as I said that I lifted my head up to get a better look and the person just move to the side more so I wouldn't see it. I pretended to lay back down still thinking my mom was messing with me, then grabbed my phone slowly and flashed the light towards the dresser. Unfortunately the light did not make it all the way down there. So I got out my bed to check what it was, and there was nothing there.
I spent the whole day thinking to myself whether what I saw was real or if I'm going crazy. I confronted my mom and my sister about it. I freaked my sister out. My mom in the other hand told me a story of when she was home alone. She told me that one day she decided to stay in for her day off. She was upstairs in her room watching TV. When all of a sudden they yelled her name."MARTHA!" She said she heard it coming from the kitchen down stairs. She turned down the TV to listen again she heard nothing. Then she turned the TV back up then again, "MARTHA!" My mom freaked, Turned of the TV and left the house. This happened to her in the middle of the day
Nothing has happed to me since then. I'm going back to normal. Last night I slept like a baby with no worries. I really hope the next time something happens; whatever that thing is doesn't make physical contact. Because then...

Three In The Morning

I'm not sure if this will be COMPLETELY correct, because it's been about three years now. I don't know if I was half-asleep, or if it was a ghost, or something else. If you have any idea, feel free to message me...seriously, I want to know!
Well, it was about 3 in the morning, and I got the feeling I was being watched. So I woke up, and saw a boy with old-fashioned clothes on. He had on a green jacket, possibly a red shirt, and possibly tan pants, and some type of old-fashioned shoes. The boy had blonde hair, and green eyes, and was pale. The boy was tall too, and well see-threw. He waved at me, possibly trying to see if I was awake. I personally think he was watching me sleep, or something. Then, I lazily waved back, as I did; he looked to my left, and disappeared. The wall where he looked, was sort of gone, it was just blackness there. After he disappeared I sat up in my bed, and thought about it. I still think he was a ghost, or something else. My dreams usually don't consist of this type of thing, so I'm pretty sure I was awake.
So, that's my story, it's my first time ever posting about my experience, be nice about it? It's not very good or anything, but there you go. Message me if you have any idea of what he is, thanks.

Three Classmates

I heard this story from my Lola (grandmother), along time ago when I was only 14 years old. The story started when my Lola was in High School. It was after school, when she met her 2 friends, Myrna & Xuchilt by the school gate, where they always meet to walk home. She said that all three of them walk everyday together to and from school. They all lived right next door to each other and it was always been their routine to walk together ever since they were little and it was also their way of staying safe. After all we are stronger by numbers, right?
One day after school, when they were walking home, my Lola looked down and noticed that her friend on the right, Xuchilt (my Lola was in the middle of the two girls) saw that Xuchilt shadow looked a little off. She kept looking to Myrna's shadow, her own shadow then back to Xuchilt's shadow, but she can't believe how Xuchilt shadow did not have a head!
So she quickly pointed it out to both of her friends, since they were too busy talking and didn't notice the unusual event that was happening. She said that Xuchilt didn't act like she was scared, but was just curious why her shadow didn't have a head. So, they tried to change and switch positions several times, but no matter what they did, Xuchilt's shadow still coming out with no head!
As they reached their village, they saw that Xuchilt's shadow was back normal, she had her head back. She said they all parted and went their separate ways home. But little does she knows that would be her last time seeing her friend Xuchilt alive.
The next day her friend Myrna came knocking almost banging anxiously at my Lola's door. When she opened, Myrna was all hysterical and crying. My Lola tried to calm her down, so that she can talk and tell her what happened. When Myrna was able to talk, she told my Lola that Xuchilt's parents found her on bed dead. At first they thought that she just overslept, so after calling Xuchilt several times, her mom decided to go to her room and wake her up. She said that as soon as Xuchilt's mom tried to touch her to shake her to wake up, she felt Xuchilt's body all cold. That's when they realized that Xuchilt was dead.
To this day, they don't know what caused the sudden death of Xuchilt. She said that the Doctor told the parents that it was Pneumonia that caused it, but no one believes it, because Xuchilt was just fine the day before. She did not show any kind of sickness when they went home that night. My Lola believes that it was something evil that took her friends life and it gave them a sign or warning by taking Xuchilt head shadow.

Shadow Figure Attacked Me

irstly, this story is about my first experience of being attacked by demon / spirit (I don’t know and I hope it’ll be the last as well…) It happened about 3 years ago when I was still 13.
I was sleeping as usual that night, but then something went wrong. I felt like I was already awoke but everything was still so dark, so I decided to went back to sleep again (but that was my biggest mistake). When I went back to sleep again, I felt like something is crawling up from my bed towards me. I kinda ignored that at first because I am so sleepy at that time and because I’m wearing blanket so I thought that it was just the wind from my Air Conditioner.
By the time I realized that it was not the wind but rather something different, it has almost reached my face. I don’t know what is that cause my room was so dark at that time.
Suddenly, it attacked me! It wrapped and cover all of my body! I tried to fight back at that time, but it was useless cause I can’t even move a single part of my body, it was like I’m totally paralyzed! I tried to open my eyes but I can’t open it either, I guess it was trying to close my eyes as well at that time… I was scared to death at that time cause I can’t move, look, nor can I breath as well at that time!
I tried to fight back for almost some time, but I was getting tired at that time cause everything was useless and I’m losing energy from being unable to breath at that time. It was like I was already ready to accept my fate if I had to die at that time cause I don’t have any regrets at all, but then something happened.
It was like a miracle that I can feel the air again! With all of my might I tried to move my body once more and force myself to push my body forward. I was so happy at that time cause I finally regain my conscious and my body again at that time. But I was really shocked after that cause I can see a “shadow with a figure like a huge dark blanket” just jump off from my bed to the ground and glide as fast as it could out of my room.
Even until now I still don’t know anything about it, it still wonders me until now if it was just a bad dreams or a real one. I was attacked by it one week straight forward after my first encounter.
I know that you guys might thing that I was lying, but that was real and I hope that any one of you could help me figure out what was this thing that attacked me and for what reason. And thank you for reading my story.

The Stissing House

The Stissing House is a 200 year old home converted to a restaurant and is the oldest on the East Coast. It sits tucked away in Pine Plains, New York, a town so small it’s really one street. When I first arrived in November, I asked my roommate what was all in town. I walked to the Cow Cafe’ (coffee place), grocery store, basically gave myself a tour while the roomie was at work. The 3rd night I was there, I decided to go to the Stissing House.  I was immediately overcome by energy. Yes I knew the place was old but I got the feeling like something had happened, something meant for the history books and like something was under the house. The Owner spotted me, as a newbie looked me over with a sniff. I dismissed it and asked for a glass of water (since everywhere water is free).
The Stissing House
The Stissing House
I introduced myself and asked the owner if something had happened here. They immediately got wide eyed, and stuttered.
“Oh well you know the town talks, but there is nothing to worry about. Are you going to order something?” I got a spritzer since everything else on the menu was $7 for the drinks then left. I kept coming back to the place in hopes of making friends with the community, well you know and always got a spritzer. The restaurant since having been a house and after taking the side door I noticed the stairwell. Naturally, reaching the second floor I was the only one up there. It was wide as if walls had been knocked and made into a party place. I heard a musical note, just one musical note but where had it come from? I walked over to the Piano in the corner, which was one of those older makes. Probably an antique with yellowing keys but the wood was in good repair. I heard the note again but saw no keys playing! The chair to the piano was flattened in one area as if someone was sitting there, but nothing. How strange I thought and I am the only one up here. Walking around the staircase to see the rest of the party room there was a small bar and a movie projector. Outside there was a wrap around deck which was kind of cool. I didn’t understand why the manager didn’t answer my question and the musical note but I had a hunch.
The Stissing House
The Stissing House
A month goes by, and one night I stayed late with the lady bartender. About five of us remained and I asked her as I did the manager. She said, “I’ve never met you, but I’ve seen you. How did you know? Well anyway yes you’re right. There was one night where we all went up stairs and drank wine while sitting. We all heard footsteps right in front of us, but saw nothing.” I was stunned, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I asked her about the Piano and she said sometimes there is an elderly lady that likes to play it. As we were talking and she was cleaning off the bar, I could sense ghostly eyes from the shadows as if looking at me. Sounds crazy but we closed up and walking out it was a full moon. I looked back and there was a shadow in the upstairs window looking down. I began walking and it felt as if I was being followed, course looking behind me I saw nothing. Weird. I asked my roommate and being a paranormal investigator himself he said, “Just treat them as if they are regular people. If you don’t want them following you, then simply state I know you need help, but please don’t follow me.”
The week after the incident my premonition was right. I was at the cafe cow ordering raspberry tea when I saw this man come in. He had startling blue eyes and for some reason he wasn’t like the rest. I introduced myself and we became friends. He then told me of this man’s yard that had collapsed. I got excited, and he said there was a tunnel. It turned out the man with the blue eyes was the real owner of the Stissing House and the “manager” was actually a person renting the restaurant from him. That’s when I let loose all the questions and he was impressed. He said there is a tunnel underneath the Stissing House that runs for miles and slaves used to hide in certain homes. He told me… I had found the Underground Railroad.
Talk about a premonition, this is no joke. I mean it’s amazing, just right under your feet and people trying to hide it…